Oleotourism is one of the best ways to know about oil’s new culture, to learn more about our project, to welcome you, to share and to get closer to the Oil’s World. 

Regarding the different Oleotourism activities Oli Migjorn offers to us, you will be able to learn, discover and know about:

  • The oil’s quality: what olive oils are (refined ones), what virgin olive oils are and also about the extra virgin (olives juice) 
  • The properties of an extra virgin olive oil
  • Assist to an oils-tasting and learn how to pair them gastronomically.
  • You also will be able to enjoy the surroundings, the olive trees plantations, the seasoning, the quietness and the landscape. 

To sum up, you will be able to feel the essence of Oli Migjorn Company, what is it done here and, at the same time, enjoy its wonderful surroundings.


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